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Joel Hayes' In-Depth Review of Myrtle Beast OCR Race

At Myrtle Beast OCR, we value our customers' experiences. That's why we're grateful to Joel Hayes of  Trio Fitness Training for taking the time to provide an in-depth review of our previous race. The video, which is approximately 10 minutes long, is an excellent resource for anyone considering joining us for our upcoming Spring 5K.

Joel Hayes is the reigning champion of the October 29th Myrtle Beast OCR Race and offers valuable insights and tips for anyone looking to participate in an OCR event for the first time. If you're apprehensive or unsure about what to expect, we highly recommend watching the video. It's well worth your time and will help you feel more prepared and confident on race day."


  • Myrtle Beast Obstacle Course Race Spring 5K
    Mar 11, 9:00 AM EST
    Myrtle Beast OCR, 2904 Fantasy Way, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579, USA
    Purchase a ticket to register! 3 miles of trails with over 25+ challenging obstacles, muddy trenches, dirt mounds.

Get your heart racing at Myrtle Beast OCR's challenging obstacle course featuring 25 unique obstacles. Push yourself to the limit and have a blast!

Obstacle Course Race




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