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  • Can I get a refund?
    If the live race is cancelled due to COVID-19 or any of its variants (the "Pandemic") and/or governmental restrictions put in place as a result of or in connection with the Pandemic which make the live race unfeasible or impractical to run, each registrant will have the option of receiving a refund. In addition, we will not be responsible for any costs relating to changed or cancelled travel plans or other related arrangements a registrant may incur due to any such cancellation. Refunds of the registration fees will not be provided for any other reason.
  • What are the age requirements?
    Due to safety risks and the difficulty involved in completing Myrtle Beast OCR, children under 12 must run the course with a parent/guardian. There is no maximum age limit on how old runners can be. Spectators of all ages are allowed to attend and watch the event.
  • What happens if it rains?
    The race will not be cancelled due to rain! If there's lightning, we'll delay waves until it passes. When the race resumes, each wave will go off at 15-minute intervals until the race is back on schedule. If there's severe weather that prevents the event from being held at all on Saturday, it'll be moved to Sunday. All weather announcements will be posted on our Facebook page.
  • Free Parking
    Event parking is free follow the signs.
  • Where can I find the event photos?
    The link to the pictures will be posted to facebook within a couple of days of the event.
  • What if I can't complete an obstacle, or just don't want to do it?
    All runners should assess each obstacle as they approach it to determine if their fitness level will enable them to complete the obstacle without injuring themselves or others. Go around any obstacle that you feel you can't complete. 1. Attempts- Obstacles may be attempted an unlimited number of times. (There are no workout alternatives.) If you are unable to complete an obstacle on your first attempt, you may use any lane to try the obstacle again, however, you must go to the end of the line if people are waiting for the lane you want. If there is an open lane that nobody is waiting for, you may restart immediately. This is to avoid impeding athletes behind you who are attempting an obstacle for the first time. 2. FOR ELITE RACER ONLY- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be judged based on two criteria 1. Completing all obstacles 2. Time. In the event that no one within the category (Male or Female) is able to complete a specific obstacle than time will be used to place the winner.
  • Is there a bag check?
    No. However there is a free key check. Leave belongings with a friend, return them to your car. Be advised that Myrtle Beast, LLC assumes no liability loss of any items placed in the key checks.
  • Do I have to run at the start time I signed up for?
    Yes. It is very important that all runners run at the time they're registered for. This not only is necessary to prevent backups at obstacles, but is also very important for safety. We cannot guarantee that everyone will be put in the wave they desire due to wave capacity, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone!
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