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The Aerial Assault

The Aerial Assault is a challenging obstacle that requires racers to traverse laterally across an inclined bar, then transition to a horizontal bar and make their way to three swinging hand grips. From there, they must transition to a trapeze bar, generate momentum, and dismount the bar before ringing the bell to signal completion.



The Tire Flip

The Tire Flip obstacle requires racers to demonstrate their strength and endurance by flipping a large tire. They must flip the tire four times in a straight row before running to the other side and flipping it four more times to complete the challenge.



Stairway To Heaven

This obstacle will test a racer's upper body strength and coordination as they navigate a series of 10 steps, split into two sets of 5. The first set of 5 steps must be conquered using a pull-up method, while the second set requires racers to make a 36 inch transition before descending using the same pull-up method. For those who struggle with the transition, there is a bonus rung at the top which can be used, but beware - this adds an extra movement and eats up valuable time.




Get ready to navigate a true beast of an obstacle - the Wind Chimes. Racers must swing their way across a series of chimes that have small foot holds, and conduct multiple transitions between ropes and chimes. This obstacle is not for the faint of heart, so take your time and be careful with your movements. Even the slightest slip will send you back to the start. The Wind Chimes will truly test your endurance and strength, so give it your all and good luck!



Storm The Wall's

Get ready to test your vertical skills with Storm The Walls! This obstacle features three successive walls of increasing height: a 6 foot wall, a 7 foot wall, and the big one, the 8 foot wall. Racers must generate enough momentum to grab the top of the wall and use their upper body and feet to climb over. This will require explosive power and upper body strength. Don't underestimate the 8 foot wall, it's the ultimate challenge that will push you to your limits! Get ready to climb and conquer the walls like a pro.

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Spinning Grip

Prepare to test your grip strength and coordination with the Spinning Grip obstacle. As you approach, you'll see a series of grips that rotate as you move across them. Each grip requires precision and control as you carefully reach for the next one. Halfway through, you'll need to make a challenging transition to the other set of spinning grips. If you're struggling to make the transition, don't worry—you can use the truss that separates the two sets of grips to assist you. But be warned, if you touch the ground, you'll have to start over. This obstacle will test your determination and focus, so give it your all!



Ammo Can Carry

Racers will pick up two heavy ammunition cans, one in each hand. The challenge is to carry the cans along the entire length of the lane and back, without dropping them. This may seem like a straightforward task, but the weight of the cans will quickly begin to take its toll on the racer's arms and grip strength. Once they reach the turnaround point, they must carefully carry the cans back to the starting point and place them back where they started. This obstacle is a true test of strength and endurance, and only the toughest racers will be able to complete it.



Rope Swing

The rope swing obstacle is a thrilling challenge that requires racers to run up to the launching point and make a daring leap to grab a swinging rope. The goal is to swing to the end point without letting your feet touch the ground, as any misstep will require starting over. However, if a racer is unable to make the jump, they can still grab the rope and walk it back to the start point before swinging across. With time being of the essence, the rope swing obstacle is a test of courage and agility that will put racers' skills to the ultimate test.



Agility See Saws 

The Agility See Saws obstacle is a unique challenge that tests a racer's balance and agility. Racers must walk across a narrow plank that pivots on a fulcrum, and make their way to the counterbalance point. Once they reach the tipping point, they must allow gravity to take over and ride the See Saw until it touches down on the other side. Then, they must quickly jump off and continue with the race. This obstacle requires precise footwork and quick reflexes, as racers must maintain their balance while navigating the see saw's movements.  



High Hurdle

This obstacle is a challenging test of explosive power and agility. Racers must generate upward momentum and work to get their waist on top of the obstacle, which is several feet high. Once they've made it to the top, they must quickly throw their legs over and jump down the other side. The key to successfully completing this obstacle is to focus on generating vertical momentum rather than forward momentum. This can be particularly challenging because there are no handholds or footholds to aid in the climb, and racers must rely solely on their strength and agility to reach the top.



Cargo Net

The A-Frame Cargo Net obstacle is a challenging obstacle that requires racers to navigate a cargo net on both sides of an A-shaped frame. This obstacle demands a good amount of strength, endurance, and focus from racers, as they must make their way up one side of the net, cross over the peak of the A-frame, and then climb down the other side using a second cargo net. This requires careful hand and foot placement, as well as mental focus to avoid slipping or losing their grip. While it may not be the most difficult obstacle in the course, the A-Frame Cargo Net obstacle is still a formidable challenge.



Low Crawl Net

The Low Crawl Net is a challenging obstacle that spans 40 feet in length and is pinned to the ground, making it even harder for racers to crawl under it. The net is made of a strong, mesh material that can feel like it's trying to pin racers down in the mud. Racers will need to fight against the resistance of the net and use their upper body strength and crawling skills to make their way to the other side. This obstacle requires grit and determination, as well as the ability to stay focused and keep moving forward even when the going gets tough.



Mud & Guts Crawl

The Mud Crawl under the wire is a classic military-style obstacle that requires racers to crawl on their bellies through a muddy water ditch while avoiding the wire above. Racers need to keep a low profile to avoid getting snagged by the wire, making this a test of both stamina and endurance. The muddy water makes the crawl even more challenging, slowing racers down and adding an extra level of difficulty. This obstacle is all about mental toughness and perseverance, as racers need to keep pushing themselves forward, even when it feels like they can't go any further.



      The A-Frame

Racers will face the challenge of ascending the A-Frame using either a set of random blocks or a rope. Once they reach the top, they will need to navigate down a ladder-like system to get back to the ground. Although this obstacle is designed for beginners, it requires careful foot placement and momentum to complete successfully. Don't underestimate the A-Frame and give it your all!



The Rock Wall

The Rock Wall is a lateral challenge that requires racers to approach the wall, get into position on the starting block, and traverse laterally across the wall using a series of rock holds and holes. With only their grip strength and forward planning to rely on, racers must use their feet or knees to counterbalance their weight as they navigate the wall. This obstacle will truly test the limits of each racer's endurance, strength, and determination.



Swinging Rings

Racers must traverse 32 feet across a set of 10 rings, while maintaining their grip and momentum. At the end, racers must transition to a wall and climb over it all without touching the ground. If they do, they must go back to the start and try again.



Traverse Wall

The Traverse Wall obstacle requires racers to use their strength and agility to traverse a 32-foot wall using only wooden blocks and holes to grip onto. One wrong move could mean having to start all over again, adding an extra layer of challenge to this already difficult obstacle. It's a true test of a racer's focus and determination.



Tough Nut

Welcome to the Tough Nut obstacle! Racers will need to use their agility and core strength to navigate through a series of tight spaces. To complete this obstacle, racers must lift their legs and step over each 2-foot high cross section without using their hands. Repeat until you're out the other side. This may seem like a straightforward challenge, but it requires careful footwork and balance. Don't let the Tough Nut slow you down on race day - power through it!



Rope Climb

The rope climb obstacle is a true test of strength and technique. Racers will approach the towering 12-foot rope and must use their grip strength, upper body, and leg power to climb to the top. This seemingly simple task can be incredibly challenging, and racers will need to focus on their technique to make it to the top. Remember, using your legs to generate power is key. Don't let this obstacle intimidate you, channel your inner beast and conquer that rope!



Sled Drag

The sled weighs 55 pounds and is connected to a rope that is 100 feet in length. Racers must first pull the sled towards them for a distance of 50 feet until the rope is taut. Once the sled is pulled to the end of the rope, racers must then sprint 50 feet to the other side of the rope and pull the slack out of the rope until the sled is back in its starting position. This is a grueling test of strength and endurance, so be sure to pace yourself and use proper technique to avoid burning out early.



Apex Monkey bars

The Apex Monkey Bars obstacle is a challenging test of strength and endurance that requires racers to mount the first bar and work their way up to the apex of the obstacle. Once they reach the top, they must use their momentum and grip strength to descend the other side. This obstacle requires a combination of upper body and core strength, as well as strategic planning to conserve energy and maintain momentum. The Apex Monkey Bars is a true test of a racer's physical and mental fortitude, and only the strongest and most determined competitors will be able to conquer this challenge.



The Reverse Climb

The Reverse Climb is a demanding obstacle that tests a racer's upper body strength and coordination. Racers must climb up a set of rungs until they reach the top, where they will be hanging at an angle under the frame. To complete the obstacle, racers must generate upward momentum and work to get their waist up onto the top rung. Once they've made it to the top, they must quickly throw their legs over and descend the other side of the obstacle. This requires not only strength, but also skillful balance and control to safely navigate the descent. 

reverse climb 2_edited.jpg


Cargo Climb

The Cargo Climb obstacle requires racers to climb up a cargo net and then descend a set of rungs on the other side. The climb itself is  around 12 feet high once they reach the top of the net, racers must be careful and focused as they make their way down the other side using a series of rungs. This requires not only strength and endurance, but also careful coordination and mental fortitude to navigate the obstacle safely. Racers must carefully place their hands and feet to avoid slipping or losing their grip, as any mistake could result in a fall and the need to start over. 



Quintuple Steps

The Quintuple Steps obstacle challenges racers to navigate a series of five angled steps without touching the ground. The slick surfaces make it difficult to grip, requiring racers to generate momentum and use leg and core strength to leap from step to step. While it may look easy, the angled design makes it much more challenging than it appears. With a combination of strength, technique, and mental focus, intermediate-level racers can successfully navigate the Quintuple Steps obstacle and move on to the next challenge in the race.



Rope Traverse

This is a grueling test of upper body and grip strength that challenges racers to traverse a rope while hanging horizontally in the air. Racers must mount the rope head forward and use their hands and legs to pull themselves along the rope. The challenge is made even harder by the fact that the rope rises vertically by 2 feet as racers get towards the end, increasing the difficulty level as they progress. Racers must power their way up to the end point and ring the bell before dismounting and continuing with the race. This obstacle requires a tremendous amount of upper body strength, grip strength! 



Sandbag Carry

The Sandbag Carry is an intense obstacle that tests racers' physical strength and mental fortitude. With a heavy sandbag in tow, competitors must traverse the course while overcoming the added challenge of Beast Mountain, a rugged terrain that requires racers to climb up and down steep inclines. It's a true test of endurance, as racers must summon their inner strength to complete the task and emerge victorious. Will you be able to carry the load and conquer the Sandbag Carry?

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